What’s New in MindManager 2017 for Windows

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New Features and Product Pricing for MindManager 2017

New Features and Product Pricing for MindManager 2017

Universal File Export

A HTML5 web export that allows you to share you maps on the web. The HTML5 map looks and behaves like the map on your desktop. Users can access links and attachments, open notes, zoom and control level detail. There are hints of more to come: Printing, outlines, maybe filtering. It doesn’t handle some the latest map formats e.g. timeline but Mindjet say this tool will under continuous development with regular releases of new features. Click the image above to see the HTML5 viewer in action.

Mindjet Blog Summary of HTML 5 Interactive Map Export

Zapier Integration

What is that I am sure you are saying! Well Zaps allow you to send and receive information with Zapier acting as the connector between hundreds of applications.  Here is summary of what you do to send Tweets from your map with topic text and any hyperlinks to your Twitter account.

  • Create Mindjet, Zapier and Twitter accounts
  • Define a Zap (you can have many)
    • What info are you taking from which application. Topic Text and hyperlink (many more available) in MindManager
    • Where are you sending it? Twitter with a short URL. It could Facebook or
  • Select the topic in MindManager and apply the Zap.
  • Your topic text and hyperlink appear on Twitter.

You can also push information on to your map by setting up a ZAP in the sending application.

Mindjet Blog Summary of Zapier Integration

Project Planning

The project management tools have been upgraded and now provide the following:

  • Critical path display: The tasks on the critical path are highlighted allowing you to focus on the tasks which need attention to minimise project duration.
  • Critical path filtering: The map and Gantt chart will just display those tasks when applied.
  • Task highlights (background colour): For late, completed and at risk tasks.

Mindjet Blog Summary of Critical Path and Task highlights

Interactive Timelines

Are a new map format which allows you to arrange timelines vertically or horizontally. These can be used for business strategies, product roll maps, market history etc. Like all MindManager formats the timelines can be edited, new events easily inserted with links, notes and attachments.

Mindjet Blog Summary of Interactive Timeline

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