What’s New in MindManager for Windows ...

What’s New in MindManager for Windows

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Topic Formulas

Add numerical values and formulas to your map topics. For example, you can include cost estimates with topic subjects and perform operations like summing the total costs contained in a series of sub-topics under one main topic. Easily drag and drop topics into a branch to automatically recalculate results. New templates take advantage of these capabilities.

Task Management

Create actionable tasks and projects in Mindjet web from topics in a desktop map. Task assignments from the desktop can be updated in the Mindjet web app, and the updated information is automatically reflected in the desktop topics. Use the Mindjet web app to drive tasks to a successful completion while simultaneously keeping an overview of the whole plan in Mindjet for Windows.

Task Dashboards

Create task dashboards in maps to track and update the status of projects and tasks. View status of tasks assigned to individuals, groups or entire projects. Review tasks that are due in the next week, or show each task’s percentage of completion and due date to highlight tasks that are at risk. Task dashboard allows users to stay current on projects and share status with anyone.

Send Tasks to SharePoint

Generate Microsoft SharePoint tasks from a plan created in a map. The “Send Tasks to SharePoint” feature uses the task title, notes/description, assignee, priority, start/end date and percentage of completion to create tasks in Microsoft SharePoint. Map revisions are immediately sent to SharePoint, and map topics can be refreshed to show SharePoint’s latest updates. The result is information in both the map and the SharePoint task stays consistent as teams execute.

Customise Menus

Modify existing menus or create your own customised ribbon menu. Users can keep most-used commands visible for easy access and improved productivity.

Enhanced Topic Properties

It’s now even easier to work with topic properties:

  • Copy and paste properties between topics
  • Enhanced “define properties” menu
  • Double-click to edit a property definition or value
  • Auto-fit for long property values
  • Open and close multiple property sets at one time
  • Improved printing and display of properties
  • Search for specific properties
  • Export properties to CSV files for use in Excel® and other applications

Mindjet web interface in MindManager for Windows

Manage the files stored in Mindjet web more effectively from MindManager for Windows with these enhancements:

  • Automatically return to the last online folder used
  • Create hyperlinks to specific versions of documents (not just the main document)
  • File size and last modified time display
  • Multiple file select available for most operations

Filter Overlay

The filter overlay highlights when the map is not fully displayed and allows users to toggle to a full map view on the fly. This is indicated by a message displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the map. The message appears when a map is filtered, to show branch alone is in use, or the show/hide feature is in use.

Numbering/Icon Alignment

Icons (i.e. priority or progress) and topic numbering now top align with the topic text.

Power Filters improved Usability

Easily remove the first filter created and create a new filter.

New keyboard shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Go to 100% zoom level [Ctrl + 0]
  • After topic is selected user enters edit mode. [Spacebar – start at end] [Shift Spacebar – start at beginning]
  • Set and move to next progress icon [Ctrl Alt P]
  • Navigation backwards and forwards through topics [Backspace – backwards] [Ctrl Backspace – forwards]

Search Results

Displays search results from top to bottom or in radial order.

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