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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

X5/X6 have the option to specify if a map hyperlink will be a link to a file or the web page that map creates when using a multimap web export.

Add/Edit/Insert Hyperlink > Options

Sunday, May 22, 2005

X5 Pro does not always convert text notes content exactly as expected.
When the error is repeatable, for instance:

In topic notes - line spaces between paragraphs are ignored in the web pages. Additional unique characters eg. "[]" can be placed in the line space between paragraphs to mark where a "<BR>" is required in the HTML.

Cabre then uses BK ReplaceEm 2.0 from which searches specified directories and file types for specific strings and replaces them. Its freeware!

Don't use this where it is something that can be altered in the web export settings or style files.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Topic Markers - you can hide them on the map but where topics appear as page or section titles so do the markers.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

The MindManager 6 web exports do not allow you to input the standard meta tags needed for a web site to be found, indexed and displayed effectively by the search engines. You can post edit every page but I gave up doing that. This is the solution. To create new Advanced Settings in the web export for

  • Alternative Title
  • Meta Tag - Description
  • Meta Tag - Keywords

  • I modified these files in my web export template folder:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Andrew\Local Settings\Application Data\Mindjet\MindManager\6\Library\ENU\Web\"style"\"name"\

    or you can get to the folder by Save As Web Pages > Customise > Editing Templates > Open Web Template Folder

    First in - GlobalParameters.xml - to get them listed as an option add these three lines after the first two parameters. You can edit the xml file with Notepad.

    <parameter internalName="WebExport.AltTitle" type="text" defaultValue="" hidden="false" persistent="true" />
    <parameter internalName="WebExport.MetaTagDescription" type="text" defaultValue="" hidden="false" persistent="true" />
    <parameter internalName="WebExport.MetaTagKeywords" type="text" defaultValue="" hidden="false" persistent="true" />

    This defines the variables, makes them visible in the Web Export > Customise > Advanced Settings - Table (hidden="false") and stores them with the map (persistent=true).

    Second in - GlobalParametersEnglish.xml which provides the text displayed in the left hand column of the Advanced Settings Table and the help text at the bottom of the table.

    <parameter internalName="WebExport.AltTitle" displayName="Miscellaneous.Alt Title text" defaultValue="%CustomParameter.PageTitle%" help="Alternative title to central topic i.e. additional explanatory text" />
    <parameter internalName="WebExport.MetaTagDescription" displayName="Miscellaneous.Meta Tag Description text" defaultValue="" help="Describe your web site" />
    <parameter internalName="WebExport.MetaTagKeywords" displayName="Miscellaneous.Meta Tag Keywords text" defaultValue="" help="The text used for search engines" />

    To define help phrases and names in English

    Finally add them to the web page template - SoPage.htm

    <title>%WebExport.AltTitle%</title><meta name="description" content="%WebExport.MetaTagDescription%" /><meta name="keywords" content="%WebExport.MetaTagKeywords%" />

    To include them in the exported web page.

    The values can now be entered in the Save As Web Pages > Customise > Advanced Settings

    Easy when you spend some time investigating how its done!

    Of course there is an alternative solution. Map4Web a MindManager add in includes the meta tags as part of the standard export and the title can be edited easily in the single export html template. More details coming soon at the Cabre software web pages.

    If you need to know more about web exporting, why not come to a Cabre Master Class or book a one to one on-line coaching session.

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