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Since October 15th 2014 MindManager Enterprise has joined the Mindjet product range. MindManager Enterprise replaces 5 Plus, adds SharePoint functions, increases the initial minimum purchase to 10 licenses and has simplified discounting bands. Here is a summary of this new product:

What does it do?

The MindManager Windows and Mac desktop applications can interact with your SharePoint data. The browser based editor was discontinued in MindManager Enterprise 2016. For example:

  • The licensed user can create a dashboard view of the SharePoint data taking information from various locations in SharePoint and assembling it in to a meaningful map which gives them easy access to and in some cases synchronised data. They can mark this map up to suit their purpose.
  • Project and task plans can be created in MindManager which are then actioned with SharePoint tasks and events.
  • MindManager Maps stored in SharePoint can be opened, viewed and printed by any user.
  • All unlicensed users in the organisation can view, filter and print maps using the MindManager Reader which is installed on their computer.

For more details please read the Mindjet MindManager Enterprise Data Sheet

What you get per license?

Desktop Software

  • MindManager 16 for Windows and MindManager 10 for Mac
  • MindManager Linker for Microsoft® SharePoint®

Software for Microsoft SharePoint Server (2013 or 2010)

  • MindManager Enterprise Server Software for SharePoint

Minimum Quantity and Price Bands

  • Minimum quantity 10 (If you currently have less licenses on the 5 Plus products, you will be switched to MindManager with Plus for renewals after 30th November 2014)
  • Price Bands are 10-49: 18% discount, 50-99: 25% discount and 100+: subject to negotiation. See products below for pricing.
  • Qualifying Initial Order determines your price point for all subsequent orders unless you place an order which is in a higher or you are renewing with total number of licenses in a higher band.

License Types

  • Perpetual – You will get all the licences mentioned above and you will have to purchase a Mindjet Software Assurance and Support Agreement for the first year. MSA provides priority support from Mindjet and free version updates. If you do not renew the MSA you can continue to use the full desktop licenses and you can update them with any service packs that are issued but you cannot continue to use the MindManager Reader.
  • Subscription – You get all the licenses mentioned above with MSA included for the period of your subscription. If you do not renew you will no longer have the right to use the software.

For more details please read the MindManager Enterprise License Program

Current Unit Prices (exc. VAT)

MindManager Enterprise

  • Perpetual
    • 10-49 licenses £239 plus MSA £47.31 per year – First year £286.31 – Second year £47.31
    • 50-99 licenses £219 plus MSA £44.82 per year – First year £263.82 – Second year £44.82
  • Subscription
    • 10-49 licenses £118 per year
    • 50-99 licenses £108 per year

For those wishing to purchase 100+ licenses, contracts will be negotiated individually.  There are further discounts on MSA for 3 year contract and paying for 3 years upfront.

Please contact Cabre if you need to know more or would like to order Mindjet MindManager Enterprise.

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