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Mindjet (established in 1994) currently supply four forms of mind mapping software for sale, subscription or free use to run on Windows, Mac, Browser and Mobile.

Mindjet MindManager

MindManager for Windows

The original application with a wide range of features for the Desktop, Notebook and Tablet PC user. You can go from:

  • Brainstorming about, to managing a project.
  • Researching a book or report, to publishing it.
  • Collating information and turning it into a presentation.

MindManager integrates with Microsoft Office allowing import, export and synchronisation with Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project. Your maps can be published as PDF, flash or web pages. It can be integrated with SharePoint. Third parties provide a wide range addons. Version 15 was released in September 2014 replacing MindManager 14.

Some of Mindjet MindManager’s for Windows features are:

  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Calculations based on values in topics
  • Social Task Management
  • Guided Brainstorming
  • Marker Index
  • Dynamic Integration with SharePoint
  • Task Filter Feature
  • Desktop client for Mindjet Web
  • Direct access to Maps for That
  • Analysis View – ala Boston Consulting Group Matrix
  • Multiple hyperlinks per topic
  • Embedded Browser tools for adding images, selected text or entire page to a topic
  • Gantt chart view
  • Ribbon improvements and customisation, “How To” Task Pane & New Templates

Mindjet MindManager for Mac

The version provides all the basic functionality of the Windows version plus integrating with Mac’s standard set of applications. Version 10 was released in September 2012.

Mindjet MindManager Plus

This is an annual subscription which gives MindManager users free version updates and use of Mindjet Web for storing and editing maps on line.

Mindjet Web

The cloud version of Mindjet allowing teams, suppliers and clients to collaborate.  Mindjet Files has accounts with members and workspaces with rights controlled by the account and workspace owners.  It allows members to simultaneously edit maps, sharing and linking to files in the workspace or on the web.  Versions can be stored.  Mindjet Web can be accessed via: browsers on Windows PCs, Apple Macs; Applications on iPad, iPhone and Android.

Mindjet Web is also the master store for Mindjet Tasks.  You can create a Mindjet Task on the browser client or the PC. Any changes will be synced across all platforms.

Mindjet Web and Tasks for iPhone, iPad and Android

These are free applications and great places to start using mind mapping software.  Mindjet Maps can work on local maps, those stored on Mindjet Web or other web services such as Dropbox and SkyDrive.  They have much less functionality than and do not replicate the map style from the desktop products but this may be enough for your needs.  Mindjet Tasks is designed to update tasks stored in the Mindjet cloud and which are shared with team members.

For more information please visit the Apple Store and Google Play.

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