Use these books to prepare yourself or those in your organisation who are not familiar with mind mapping.

Use Your Head

The Ultimate Book of Mind Maps

The Mind Map Book

Mind Maps for Business

The original book by Tony Buzan. Written in 1974 and updated several times.

Has the most information about the original research. Talks more about improving memory techniques than the other books.

A recent publication with many fascinating maps about a huge variety of subjects.

This is the coffee table book. Wonderfully illustrated mind maps.

The modern version of “Use Your Head”. A good introduction to Mind Mapping.

For business people jump straight to Mind Maps for Business.

The latest book where Tony Buzan combines with his partner in the developement of iMindMap – Chris Griffiths.

It has the justification for mind mapping and many business examples of mind mapping on paper, using iMindMap and even MindManager.

Idea Mapping

Getting Things Done

Six Thinking Hats

MindManager for Dummies

Jamie Nast has a fresh perspective on using mapping to use more of your brain power with less effort. Great examples on how to apply idea mapping to a variety of situations.

How to manage your tasks in a structured way. Prioritising, where and when do to them. This book is the basis for the MindManager add in Results Manager from Gyronix

Edward de Bono’s great process for running meetings. Time and content control so you get actions.

The only detailed book about MindManager. It was written in 2004 but the general principles and many of the sections describing the exports are valid today.

Cabre also has a couple of copies. Please email

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