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Mapping Action Pack for MindManager – MAP

MAP provides a new ribbon with over 20 additional commands to use with MindManager. Powerful tools such as “Map Left” rather than right or radially and “Fixed Topic Width” to format your map.

Map Tracker which automatically catalogues and provides a visual listing of your maps, has been added in version 1.3 of MAP along with a collection of 350 images and icons.

OPTi-Docs revision and check out control pane

OPTi-Docs : File Management

Take control of the documents and files linked and attached to your MindManager maps with OPTi-Docs. They can be locked, checked in and out, version controlled with every file action recorded in a change log.

OPTi-P2 project structure map

OPTi-P2 : Prince 2

This combines the guidance produced by Prince 2 with your project’s documentation. You can customise it to suit your projects’ requirements. Production and navigation of the required document is easy. Monitoring progress and producing feedback for the next project is simple.

OPTi-Q Quality Management System creation and management

OPTi-Q : Quality Management System

This quality management gives you a strutured interface to policy, manuals, organisation, procedures, work instructions and reports. The MindManager interface allows you to grow the structure as you develop it, enables you to develop the documentation, provides quick access to information and gives you overview of everything.

OPTi-P2 project structure map

WordX : Export with Control over Word Styles

MindManager’s Word export gives you some control of style via a Word template but it’s based on the map hierarchy. OPTi-Word enables you to mark up topics with the style you want to be used in the exported Word document. A set of subtopics can be marked to be a paragraph, then bullet points, finished with another paragraph

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