aHa!Coaching has been operating in the Netherlands and surrounding countries for many years. As a result of its consultancy work it has developed a number of MindManager Add Ins to satisfy its customer’s needs.

Cabre will be pleased to offer advice on these add ins and help you to select the best one(s) for your application. You can follow the links on any of the product pages to purchase the add ins directly from aHa!Coaching.

  1. aHa!1WayXLS – Excel export for Time and Meeting Management
  2. aHa!2WayXLS – Excel Interaction Project Planning and Time Management
  3. aHa!Matrix – Web Export for Strategy & Dashboards
  4. aHa!Visual – Web Export Converts Maps to Web Pages
  5. aHa!XLS Import – Convert Excel Spreadsheets into Maps

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