MindManager Add-Ins

Here are some of the many add-ins you can get for MindManager.

aHa!Coaching – For Web, Excel and Word
Mindlogik – For media and file management
Olympic Limited – For Utilities, Prince 2, Document Management, Quality Control and Word export

6 thoughts on “MindManager Add-Ins

    • Hi Klaus

      MindManager for Windows imports and exports MS Project files. I am not aware of any add in for syncing a map and project plan.

      The aHa!2wayXLS add in allows an Excel spreadsheet and a map to be updated at the touch of button.

      In what ways does the import/export facility not satisfy your needs?

  1. Hi Andrew,
    I prefer to use MM for an overview of project (with many features that Project does not provide.
    Yet for publishing I need MS Project in our company. Feedback is consoldated in project, new actions might be added.
    If I use the export from MM I need a lot of effort to bring the data in an approriate format.
    Since my master is to be MM I need to synchronise …
    Regars Klaus

    • Hi Klaus

      I accept the synchronising would be best but I don’t know where you can get this.

      Perhaps look at which elements of the map are supported in MS Project e.g. I think Topic Notes are and Call Outs are not. Then restrict your usage in MindManager to the objects supported by MS Project. I know this will be very restrictive.

      Regards, Andrew

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