MindManager Add-Ins ...

MindManager Add-Ins

Here are some of the many add-ins you can get for MindManager.

aHa!Coaching – For Web, Excel and Word
Mindlogik – For media and file management
Olympic Limited – For Utilities, Prince 2, Document Management, Quality Control and Word export

6 Responses to “MindManager Add-Ins”

  1. Paul Staples says:


  2. Hi Paul

    Thanks for your comment. It reminded me I had not completed the detailed web pages for all of the suppliers. You will now find more information on the Add Ins from the three suppliers listed above.

  3. Klaus Jung says:

    is there any Add-In for synchronising between MM and MS-Project?
    Thanks Klaus

    • Hi Klaus

      MindManager for Windows imports and exports MS Project files. I am not aware of any add in for syncing a map and project plan.

      The aHa!2wayXLS add in allows an Excel spreadsheet and a map to be updated at the touch of button.

      In what ways does the import/export facility not satisfy your needs?

  4. Klaus Jung says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I prefer to use MM for an overview of project (with many features that Project does not provide.
    Yet for publishing I need MS Project in our company. Feedback is consoldated in project, new actions might be added.
    If I use the export from MM I need a lot of effort to bring the data in an approriate format.
    Since my master is to be MM I need to synchronise …
    Regars Klaus

    • Hi Klaus

      I accept the synchronising would be best but I don’t know where you can get this.

      Perhaps look at which elements of the map are supported in MS Project e.g. I think Topic Notes are and Call Outs are not. Then restrict your usage in MindManager to the objects supported by MS Project. I know this will be very restrictive.

      Regards, Andrew

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