Mindjet MindManager 2019 for Windows Trial



Please download the free 21 day trial.  It is fully functional.  When the trial expires it will become a read only application. You will be able to view and print your maps.

Summary of MindManager 2019 for Windows new features

  • Theme Designs – 40 plus new themes for all audiences.
  • Easy Theme Editor – Streamlined theme editing tools which change the visuals with out changing it’s structure.
  • Objects& Smart Shapes – 12 new shapes which enable you to group content within them and create meaningful diagrams.
  • Match Width – Standardize topic widths to match the largest of those selected or the whole map.
  • HTML5 Export & Publish Filtering – Published maps now contain a filtering panel and your Power Filters.
  • SmartRules™ – SmartRules can be applied from individual object or topics to full diagrams automatically changing parameters such as shape or colour depending on content.
  • Tag View – Monitor project progress and update status in a column view.
  • Icon View – Use a group of the 500+ icons to organise topics into columns. Giving you a filtered and structured view of the map.
  • 500+ new & enhanced icons – An expanded range of good looking icons to be used with SmartRules and Icon View.
  • Enhanced menu design – Redesigned menus which well-spaced and full colour enabling to easily find the tool you need.
  • New Imports – Import XMind and Freemind maps in to MindManager with no loss of data.


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