aHa!Matrix Export – Mindjet & MindManager Web Export for Strategy & Dashboards


The Add In that Generates Matrix Views of Map Topics as Web Pages
What does it do?
  • A correctly structured map will transpose into rows, columns and cells in a matrix in an exported web page.
  • Cells are coloured as in the map, contain any hyperlinks and topic notes become cell comments.
  • You can create snapshots of your maps, publish them on the web or intranet as matrices. You can continue working on your map until the next version you wish to publish.
  • The matrix may take up less screen space than the map.
  • Non mind mappers may be more able to read the content.


    • Snapshots of project status, balanced scorecards, results, team or room or equipment availability
Purchase direct from aHa!Coaching. aHa!Matrix Export Price €99.00 excludes VAT.

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