aHa!1WayXLS – Mindjet & MindManager Add In – Time and Meeting Management


What does it do?

  • Exports your MindManager topics and all the task information (start & end date, duration, status, priorities and resources) to Microsoft Excel.
  • Colour codes the task list in Excel for each resource.
  • Exports topic notes to cell comments in Excel.
Managing the export in MindManager
  • Use the Power Filter to hide those branches you do not want exported.
  • In MindManager 8 the built in task management to calculate parent task duration and to use relationships to create dependencies between tasks.
Relationship to MindManager Gantt (was JCVGantt)
  • Could be used to provide a supplementary view on the data and another format
    for sharing information with meeting attendees or project team members.

An example MindManager map which can be converted to an Excel Spreadsheet by aHa!1WayXLS

This map becomes

The result of using aHa!1WayXLS to create a Excel spreadsheet from a MindManager map

  • Central Topic = cell A1
  • Tasks are grouped by main topic
  • Resources are colour coded (by the first resource listed in a task)
  • Date of export top right
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aHa!1Way XLS
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