Do you have a project which is unsure what to do next?

  • You could be at the start: assembling ideas, turning them in to concepts, moving them on to user requirements and project plans.  Perhaps you need help sorting things out or facilitating a meeting. We will assist you to turn the chaos into a coherent plan and a set of documents you can take to suppliers, clients or your business.
  • On the other hand your project may be well under way but has reached a point where a review and change of plans is required.
  • Finally it could be the end of your project and your want to gather up the knowledge and feedback so it can be used in the next project.  Maybe you never had a clear structure or plan and need it distilled in to something understandable for the next team.

We can make a difference. For example:

Creating a new product

Working with a Will Writer, Debt Collector, Major Financial Insitution and an intelligent medallion maker who were creating a new product. Listening to their meeting to produce a set of requirements and a project plan.

Working out the annual plan

Finishing a weekend with a FTSE 100 group’s management team by producing a GANTT chart for next years activities with dates, durations and activity owners.

2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Hello, I’m interested in developing a business plan using Mindmanager including headline financials linked to underlining costs whilst also developing my skills in using Mindmanager to draw up project plans e.g. factory reorganisations & contingency plans. The key is flexibility and “playing” with the map(s) to demonstrate alternative scenarios. Is this something Cabre can help me with and how?

    • Hi Charles

      What a great application for MindManager. Yes of course I can help.

      Two choices:
      – I come to you (or somewhere else suitable) and give you coaching/training for your requirement.
      – or we have a series of on-line sessions.

      Both have worked on many occasions. Typically people try to cram the learning into a day face to face. A few half day sessions is better. The online session of about an hour will give you enough new material to go away and practice for a few days, return for a review, learn some more and practice again. Repeat until you have achieved your goals for the training.

      I will send you an email tomorrow.


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