Markers or Icons for MindManager

MS Office Marker or Icon set for MindManager

Have you ever needed a set of Markers (icons) that are not in the product provided by Mindjet? We can provide them.

For example here is a group of Microsoft Application icons. Just click the image to download the zip file. Then extract/unzip to either:

  • A folder of your choice and use File Options > Package Folders to add it to your Markers tab.
  • Or add them to your MindManager Markers folder e.g. C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Mindjet\MindManager\10\Library\ENU\Icons

A possible use for these icons, could be when you are listing the documents and files you need to create for a project but they are not yet linked to a file (and you don’t get a file type icon hyperlink on the topic).

Download - Map Markers for MindManager - Six Thinking Hats
Here is another set of markers for Six Thinking Hats maps. Use these to mark up topics with the state or possibly states they relate to.

Please use the comment form below to make a request for a set of icons or markers and we will get back to you.

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