Maps for You

Maps are very effective at summarising and giving a view of the complete entity on one piece of paper or screen.  Here are some examples which Cabre has produced for its clients:

Overview of Your Businesses Key Attributes

This map summarises a booklet about the Creative Communication Skills Toolkit.  Click on the map to see it full size in a separate window.

Creative Communications Skills Toolkit mind map

Where Do You Sit In Your Supply Chain?

The following map summarises a supply chain and several copies were taken to a trade show by BetXTech to explain their proposition.

Be Part of the Back and Lay Revolution mind map

Maps can be used to effectively summarise larger documents such as web sites, books, proposals & case notes.  They can be in branded colours and incorporate pictures and logos. They can be small or they can be printed on A0 sheets or even rolls.  Maps on web sites can be clickable image maps and be used to take viewers to the next page or web site.

Please contact Cabre if you need a map.

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