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Mind Mapping and Mind Mapping Software

People using Mind Maps® benefit from creating organic, unrestricted and memorable records of their discussions, meetings, research and thoughts. The maps reflect the way the mind works in keyword pictures not lists. This makes them a more powerful and memorable visualisation of the subject. Mind Maps use relationships and graphics to reinforce the information.
Mind Mapping software users can take this a stage further by reorganising, adding more detail and finally transforming their maps in to traditional formats: project plans, books, web sites and presentations.
Mind Mapping software users facilitate better meetings with instant production of notes. They help to clarify projects. They have customised maps with rapid access to their most important knowledge and data - dashboards for your business, organisation of life. Maps will enable you and your colleagues to get a clearer picture of you business enabling you to make better and faster decisions.
Users of mind maps and software range through:
  • Children studying for their exams. Post graduates in their research
  • Captains of industry and political leaders developing their strategies
  • Vicars writing sermons to consultants preparing quotations
  • Sports people planning their programme for winning in 2012
  • Major and minor event planners
  • Entrepreneurs and established businesses
These web pages are an outline and post event information for two types of session:

1. Benefits of Mind Mapping & Software Presentation
Normal duration 45 mins to 75 mins
In the presentation Andrew wants to share with you the basics of Tony Buzan's mind mapping process. Make sure you have some paper and a few different coloured pens. You will get an understanding of the principles and get an opportunity to produce a mind map. Then he will show you how mind mapping software can turn maps into an even more valuable business tools.
2. Business Mapping Introduction
Normal duration 3 hours
In this course Andrew wants to share with you the basics of Tony Buzan's Mind Mapping process. He will supply you with the paper and pens. Then he will show you how Mind Mapping software can turn maps into even more valuable business tools.
You will leave with:
  • A clear understanding of how mind mapping can be used in a variety of situations to improve creativity, increase innovation, clarify complex problems and free your mind to think not list.
  • An awareness of how business mapping software can take the process to a third dimension. You will see how easy it is to reorganise, connect and hyperlink maps which can be immediately transformed into business publications.
You and your business or organisation will benefit by:
  • Saving time and making better decisions at meetings
  • Having a holistic view of strategy, tactics and implementation
  • Reducing the time taken to plan projects, prepare documents and web sites

is an enthusiastic user of Mind Mapping and Mind Mapping software who has been applying the process and the software since 1995. He was introduced to Mind Mapping whilst sat alongside someone at a conference. Later he read Tony Buzan's book when on garden leave from Unilever. Soon afterwards he started to use MindManager to manage projects and understand the complexities of his new employer. After applying the tools in other peoples business for six years, he became an independent MindManager and iMindMap trainer and consultant.
For twelve years Andrew has used MindManager to create businesses, manage projects, develop and run recruiting processes, construct and deliver courses, and build web sites. His clients range from NHS Trusts and Oil Companies to individual consultants. Users are writing books and manuals with it. Blue chip organisations are developing products with it. Mind Mapping is now part of the National Curriculum. Many schools and universities are using mind mapping software as a thinking, researching and writing tool.
Mindjet® MindManager® are registered trademarks or trademarks of Mindjet Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Mind Map® and iMindMap® are registered trademarks of The Buzan Organisation, UK
Here are some testimonials from Andrew's clients:
Andrew's understanding of mind mapping and MindManager is absolutely brilliant. He can distill down complex messages into easy to understand mind maps. But more than this he can help you benefit from mind mapping. If you run a business, go to meetings or need to take notes, make sure you speak to Andrew first. He'll help you revolutionise the way you work.
Graham Jones
I have just done a totally amazing course on MindManager and web sites with Andrew. I was exhausted (brain ache), gob smacked and inspired all at the same time at the end of the course. Not only will it save me loads of money on setting up web sites (or doing web site planning for clients), it will help in so many ways...including helping to organise my presentations and my grand plans for future world domination (only joking here!!).

It was so good, I told him to put his prices for training up! So get in there quick!

Fiona Howarth
Just had my first training session with Andrew and have learnt more in that one hour than I had learnt in the four months I have been using MindManager. Roll on session number 2!
Mark Eaton
If you haven't discovered Mind Maps yet then I highly recommend you go to one of Andrew's workshops - not only will you learn about a new tool to change your life but you will also learn about it from a really good trainer. Andrew's course is well thought out and runs at a pace to suit everyone.
Tom Evans