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03/07/07 Topic Styles

A new feature in MindManager 7.  You create and access them via the Task Panes (icon now bottom right of main window next to the + zoom sign in the image below).  You select a topic on your current map and then "New style from selected topic" in the pane.  Your style is loaded in to the pane and can then be applied to any topic on the map.  At this stage the Topic Style is only valid for the current map.  If you want to reuse the topic style on other maps, you will have to save the current map as a style or template.


Brian S. Friedlander at Assertive Technology has posted a short review of MindManager 7 Mac.

20/06/07 More Insights

MindManager 7 takes a while to get used to.  The menu bar has changed and the location of other features such as Filter and Level of Detail which are now at the bottom of the screen.


You soon get used to it and the time pay back from these changes starts to kick in.  The menu bar now give you immediate access to all the features you need for each of the main activities.  There is no longer a property option to just see the most frequently used menu options.  You can now create your own Quick Access Toolbar at the top of the window.


In general I have found MindManager 7 to be more reliable than 6 and certainly the time taken to load your initial maps, if you have a saved desktop, has speeded up.

The Options have moved to the bottom of the menu you get by clicking the top left MindManager button.


21/05/07 Show Branch Alone

Allows just one branch to be shown. Hides the central topic and all the topics parents.


18/05/07  First impressions

It has the Office 2007 applications user interface.  A new ribbon bar with the fluid user interface.  Is it an improvement.  Yes more related tools are visible at one time. Click Format and nearly everything you need is one click away.

The most important options are under the MindManager button top right. Save, print, export etc.  It took me a while to realise that in Office 2007.

There are new close options if you right click an open map tab.

Right click the background and now you have the option to go full screen.

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