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10 September 2006 08:10

Cabre has been working on a product for some time now which allows organisations to record and publish events as they happen.  By events Cabre means meetings, seminars, presentations and workshops.  Events where getting the local TV crew into record it does not make sense.

Cabre's product uses Tablet PCs with reporters to take notes quietly in ink in small groups or large audiences. No tapping of keyboards.  The notes are converted to text, enhanced and published as documents or web pages.  Additional recordings can be made such photographs of participants and activities, voice recordings (pod casts) of sessions and interviews.  Various quality levels of video can be recorded from web cam to high quality digital video cameras.

All of this material can be almost instantly published to the web providing non-participants with information, allowing participants to see what happened in parallel sessions and allowing them to comment on the event when they get back to their office or home.

What Cabre offers is an appropriate team and technology to cover the event in an effective way for your budget.

For more information and examples see After the Event.

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