Cabre organises and assists at events. Our role(s) can be any of these: Presenter, Facilitator, Recorder or Publisher.

Our key point of difference is the use of mind maps to facilitate and record speeches, presentations, discussions, seminars, exhibitions, conferences and any event that needs pictures that summarise it.

  • We can assemble a
    multi-media recording team:
    • Mappers
    • Artists
    • Photographers
    • Reporters using a notepad,
      video and audio
  • We can edit this in to a rich media web site incorporating all the event documentation and presentations.
  • We can publish live as the event proceeds on your web site or one commissioned for the event.
  • We can collect live feeds from the audience via Twitter.
  • We will cover events from a single speech to multi-day and stream conferences.
  • We can be very private at e.g. main board strategy meetings.
  • If it is a public event, we make sure it can be found on the web.
  • We can discuss a variety of ways of levering and monetising your post event record.

Events where we have the recorder and publisher roles are available on the ConferenceREACTION – Rich media event records site. Take a look at these and give Cabre a call if you think we could help you. We accept commissions from a 1 hour speech to 1 week conferences.

Click to see the events which we will be involved in and have completed:

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