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Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2006
A personal weblog by Andrew Wilcox
11 August 2006 07:03
Just reflecting on Thursday.  As usual some great performances.  My strongest memories are of Feast of Fiddles and Steeleye Span.  Wish I had seen more of wRants and Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman (I cut and pasted that).  I could hear them in the distance.  Nigel was impressed with Chris.
10 August 2006 22:00
Met Martin who was interested in my use of ArtRage 2.11 from Ambient Design.  His wife uses Corel Draw but I know nothing about that package.  "How long has it taken you to learn the package?" he asked.  Well the Steeleye Span picture is my 13th impressionist piece.  I suppose I have spent 3-4 hours using the application, so far. 

10 August 2006 20:15
Met Nigel who sells pipe fittings to laboratories, see FTI. we had a very wide ranging discussion, setting up mini music festivals, omnipotence, wife's views on our purchasing of toys, why did you come to Cropredy and a bit about mind mapping and MindManager.  So Nigel now has my card and will drop in for lunch at a pub as he goes past me in New Alresford, Hampshire on his trips to Southhampton University down the M3 from Gillingham in Kent.  Odd that because Michael Birley (see below) had been to Gillingham in Dorset for a party yesterday. 

10 August 2006 16:10
In long queue to get wrist band. Must get earlier next year
10 August 2006 15:37
Queued a long time for my first beer.  Michael had his from the indoor bar!  But we talked about Cabre and Dealmap and how we attract people to our businesses with our web sites whilst queuing for 20 minutes.  Both of us have a new one under development.  This is us in festival mode we have quite different business personas.
Meanwhile in the background Swamp Thing are doing their thing.
10 August 2006 14:38
10 August 2006 14:33
Going to look for Michael Birley
10 August 2006 14:32
Waiting for Michael Birley outside Red Lion

10 August 2006 13:50
Finally some one from Ecademy has agreed to meet up with me at Cropredy (see Are you near Cropredy, near Banbury this Thurs, Fri or Sat).  Michael Birley just back in from a party in Dorest, saw my very recent message on the BlackStar Skype chat.  As he lives only 5 miles away, he had to come round to the Red Lion for a pint.  Should have remembered he lived nearby, it came up in our face to face or telephone chat a couple of months ago.
Michael Birley is a recent member of BlackStar on Ecademy.  We have about 225 people in the club and it is growing at the right sort of pace.  Michael Birley also attended one of my Cabre MindManager Training Days in London and is now using MindManager daily in his work at Deal Map and also for his church activities. In terms of how much I know each BlackStar he is probably half way up the scale.

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