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Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2006
A personal weblog by Andrew Wilcox

14 August 2006 12:21 Message for Mindjet.  The ink sketches in a topic are not exported properly to the imagemap.jpg.  My sketch of Sunday is a purple tent on a green field with black clouds.  The green was lost somewhere (see home page) and went black!.  There is a workaround, do the ink sketch in the notes, append ink to text as an image and then cut and paste the image to the topic.

13 August 2006 08:37 Message for Mindjet.  In the hyperlink window, Options: I would like the Target Window box to turn n into New Window, "Just like that" as Russ Abbott used to say. It would speed up the hyperlink but requiring less key strokes.  I would also like New Window to be a default setting.

12 August 2006 19:21
One for Map4Web pictures to be an extended version of the page name not a topic number which changes when a new topic is added / inserted.  Makes it difficult to keep on-line site up to date with the off-line site.

12 August 2006 19:18
Sort of solved screen problem, don't use max power save.  It turns my screen off after one minute, regardless of the level of activity!

12 August 2006 13:23
Screen save-or something is being a real pain screen goes blank every two minutes. A stab in Ctrl-AIt-Del brings it back but why?

Batteries big problem today.  l only have 2.5!

11 August 2006 06:43
Whenever I start a new note for this application I need a table because I like to control the width of my text to make it more readable.  600 pixels seems okay.  So is it possible to have notes set up, so that they have a default table as content whenever you open a new note?  Question for MindManager Yahoo Group.

10 August 2006 19:34
Not impressed.  PC locked up when rotating the keyboard out. Had to power off. fortunately has the regular back up feature.

10 August 2006 17:37
How can 1.24 kbs be 3G?

10 August 2006 17:28
Thought, I had 3G at the top of the hill but no the little blue light has gone off.

10 August 2006 16:48
PC battery life is going to be a problem. I am nearly at the end the second one. In fact I am.

10 August 2006 12:22
After first blue screen with text on for a while, I have rebooted and systems seem to be working.  I am on-line via Vodafone GPRS and will post current CropLog to web as starter for ten.

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