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Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2006
A personal weblog by Andrew Wilcox
15 August 2006 06:22

HP / Compaq Tablet PC TC1100 fitted with a GPRS/3G Data card.  1Ghz Pentium Centrino, 1Gb RAM, 40Gb HD, 1024x768 10" screen . This or the earlier version the TC1000 has been my (I hate to admit) constant companion for the last 2-3 years.

I used these principal applications:

MindManager 6 Pro : Is Mind Mapping software from Mindjet.  The picture on the home page is a mind map. The structure of the map determines the menu for the web site.   Each item on the map has a page of notes which become the pages of the web site.

Map4Web from MindBusiness (click on the Union Jack for English version of site): Is an add in to MindManager which converts the map to a web site.  It creates the clickable map, the index, a search function and it adds the banner and footer to the web pages

ArtRage:  Is a painting package for the Tablet PC.   You can choose from a range of surfaces to paint on and you have a variety of painting and drawing tools.   The paint remains wet!

I am typing at the moment but later I expect to be inking notes about performances, bluetoothing photos from my phone (perhaps even bluetoothing other peoples photos) and pushing the results up to the web via Vodafone GPRS and I hope 3G if I can find the spot.

(Dire Straits is playing on the sound test and the rain has restarted).

Site created using Mindjet MindManager 6, Map4Web, ArtRage and a Tablet PC - TC1100
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