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Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2006
A personal weblog by Andrew Wilcox
10 August 2006 23:30 amended 15 August 2006 00:27
The painting was my first standing up at a folk/rock concert in the dark.  See  John Martyn  and Swarb  for better results.  Must add Peter's violin!

Maddy Prior - Breezing around in blue - Something in the way she moves (who wrote that?)
Liam Genockey - The Beating Beard
Peter Knight - Who had not gaffer taped his piano's pedal and was concerned about getting his seat up his bum.  He also has the most secure signature  in the world.
Ken Nicol - Something was annoying him at the beginning.
Rick Kemp - He looks nothing like the guy in my All Around My Hat song book.

The complete play list - Please advise of errors

Bonny Black Hare
Cold Windy Rainy Night - Big  Beat
Who Told the Butcher
Long Lankin - Four Voices or was it Five?
The Story of the Scullion King - New Song, Lead Voice Ken Nicol
Well Done Liar  One of the first songs Maddy learnt
Nonsense Song - Unaccompanied
Demon of the Well
Van Diemen's Land
Fiddle Tunes called what?
Tam Lin (first play at the festival, I remember the second one, was there a third?)
Hard Times of Old England
Cam Ye O'er Frae France - The first Steeleye Span song I heard courtesy of John Peel.  I then went to see them at South Parade Pier, Southsea supported by Horslips in 1975 ish.  Heard of all Horslips (weren't they a good band, Peter Knight agreed with that) but had to leave half way through Steeleye Span's set to take my girlfriend to Fratton railway station, so she could get her train home.
All Around My Hat - Great tune and a sang along but would prefer Alison Gross to end on.  I like turning up the last few seconds to 11 in the car.

22 August 2006 12:55 I added to my Steeleye Span LP collection yesterday with a visit to  Raves from the Grave  in Frome, Somerset.  I bought a good copy of Please to See the King.  I could of filled a few more gaps but held back.  Lots of Folk and Folk/Rock in stock.

27 January 2007 I have expanded my LP collection with a visit to the Oxfam shop in Winchester:
  • Individually and Collectively - Ashley Hutchings, Martin Carthy, Maddy Prior, Peter Knight and Tim Hart.1972.  I think I heard these tracks on John Peel's radio show.
  • Rocket Cottage - Maddy Prior, Nigel Pegrum, Peter Knight, Rick Kemp, Robert Johnson and Tim Hart - 1976.  Very unfamiliar with these tracks maybe it was Mike Batt or just because I was in the Royal Navy that year and record decks did not work well on minehunters.
  • Back in Line - Maddy Prior, Nigel Pegrum, Peter Knight, Rick Kemp, Robert Johnson and Vince Cross - 1986.  I know the Blackleg Miner but not from Steeleye Span.
Photos Supplied by Stephen Knapp



Photo taken by Kirstie Handley

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