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Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2006
A personal weblog by Andrew Wilcox
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What is Crop Log 2006  (nothing to do with farming), it is a map log (sort of blog) of Fairport's Cropredy Convention, an annual 3 day music festival with generally folk, folk rock, rock and blues performers. It finishes with Fairport Convention performing Meet on the Ledge written way back when by Richard Thompson, backed by all their pals.  I have attended six times in the last ten years to see many of my music heroes.  Jethro Tull, Richard Thompson, Martin Carthy, Eliza Carthy, Dave Swarbrick, Ashley Hutchings (my wife's maiden name but they are not related) and of course Fairport Convention.  Plus some brilliant new musicians and some old ones with whom my live performance path has not crossed, such as the fantastic John Martyn on Friday.

Secondly, it is personal experiment in portable computing with a HP / Compaq Tablet PC TC1100 using these principal applications: Mindjet MindManager 6 Pro, Map4Web from MindBusiness, ArtRage 2 Free and a GPRS /3G Data card. See Technical Specification for more details.

Finally, this is a showcase for what I can do.  Wandering around the festival site scribbling on to a black rubber box strapped to my arm,  painting in the dark standing in the middle of the Cropredy Crowd or sitting next to people and chatting about what I am up to has already attracted some positive attention.

So I hope you will find this web site of interest.  l would be very pleased to receive comments or questions by phone  01962 738534 or  07813 211451 or Skype at ajwilcox or  andrew@cabre.co.uk

10 August 2006 11:04
I am typing at the moment but later I expect to be inking notes about performances, bluetoothing photos from my phone (perhaps even bluetoothing other peoples photos) and pushing the results up to the web via Vodafone GPRS and I hope 3G if I can find the spot.

(Dire Straits is playing on the sound test and the rain has restarted).

Right time to test the upload and reply to Trevor Jenkins on Skype who has asked "Where is Cropredy?"

12 August 2006 14:30

It is not really a blog they have the latest stuff at the top of the page. This is more of a diary.  You read it from the top down.  At some point I will stop adding to this web site and move on to the next ........................

27 January 2007

A surprising number of people are visiting this web site.  81 to the Steeleye Span page in the last month, so I have added some Amazon links so you can easily buy your favourite music.
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