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Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2006
A personal weblog by Andrew Wilcox

11 August 2006 13:37
Just got Dave Pegg to ink a message. Have Peter Knight in my sights now

11 August 2006 07:57
Done enough writing now and need a cup of coffee.  So let me try another upload.
11 August 2006 06:48
Friday started about an hour ago.  With the normal things. The loos were surprisingly clean.  Did not look as though the cleaners had just been, so score 8 points Cropredy campers.
Set up the double burner on the table inside the tent well away form the walls sitting on four tumblers, so table top does not get sorched.  Must sort out long term solution for this, like adding extensions to the legs.  I have thought that every time I have been camping with that stove.  I bought it in Wigan 25 years ago.  Well done Tilley for making your Golden Jubilee!
Whilst sorting out the two food/cooking boxes I discovered the olive oil bottle had leaked.  Olive oil was carefully decanted at home in to 250ml bottle with cap and a flip down spout, supposedly a sealing spout.  No, it is not. Olive oil now over 1/2 the floor of the cool bag and on the bottoms of several bags and containers.  However in terms of camping spillage it does not seem to rate that badly.  Virtually cleared up in five minutes.
Double burner has now boiled kettle and I am having a pleasant cup of chinese tea in the passenger seat of the car whilst typing and charging.  Will approximately 12 x TC1100 battery (part no. 6911B0006OA) recharges drain my car battery?

Weather is fine at the moment with light grey clouds scudding over but I think we will have a shower soon.  Car thermometer says 13 deg C.
Looking forward to breakfast with Nigel (who I met last night) and pals at around 10ish.  I have to find a red Avensis parked in the lane opposite the closed off canal bridge in Camp Site 7!  Will be on my mountain bike, so I should be able to find quite a few red Avensis in 10 minutes! 
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