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Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2006
A personal weblog by Andrew Wilcox
12 August 2006 21:05
The sun has set, the lights are on. Simon, Ric, Peggy, Gerry and Simon are on stage. Only have 60 min battery left and this is normally a 3 hour show!

12 August 2006 21:10
Fairport came on stage one song ago.  Nigel is eating his very oniony tomato salad.

12 August 2006 21:18
Lark in the Morning

12 August 2006 21:48
First guest - Chris While - singing her first The Deserter

I did manage a quick impression of Fairport Convention on stage:

12 August 2006 22:09
Battery light Flashing Bye.
13 August 2006 08:47
Catching up yesterday.  What a great set.  Less guests than I have seen in recent years, I guess they are holding back for next years bash. (Stop must play Liege and Life whilst writing this)

13 August 2006 08:51
Its playing 2 watts in vertical stereo (see TC1100 to understand). I am in keyboard out mode at the moment and typing.

I was sort of pleased the batteries ran out because it allowed me to concentrate on listening and watching.  What can I remember now? 

No sign of Dave Mattacks, Ashley Hutchings, Richard Thompson or Dave Swarbrick. Just a couple of their old friends on stage: Chris While as mentioned above and the maestro Martin Allock during the main set.  

Glenn Tilbrook played four of his songs with Fairport.  They showed how lucky we were they fell into the folk-rock genre and not any other genre like pop-rock Squeeze because Fairport can play anything (anytime and anywhere I suspect!).

The set of course finished with Meet on the Ledge.  I spotted a few of their pals on stage (should have been closer to the stage but Nigel and Alan had set up camp next to Nigel and George (a lady) from Wales and they had the beers and pizza!). Lets see who was there: Shameless Quo!, Maddy Prior (who has worked with the originals I think), PJ Wright, Glenn Tilbrook, Martyn Allcock, Jacqui MacShee, Danny Thompson (today's compere).  If anyone can extend my list please do. King Pleasure and Biscuits Boys were in Banbury apparently.

I may touch this up a bit later.  Trying to get an impression of the Gerry Conway in the background is still the challenge.  Also I think I need to set up some black paper. Starting on white does not work here. Five minutes battery left again, the light is flashing, so save and finish packing. Obviously no cricket today at Cheriton CC, so perhaps I will call in on Colin in Watchfield on the way home.

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