Master Class

The “Master” and the participants will explore the opportunities for using mind mapping software in their business, organisation or individually. Master Classes are run for MindManager users. In previous Master Classes we have covered:

  • Using Mind Mapping software for Legal Cases. In fact any adversarial engagement!
  • Preparing and Presenting. Do you use Presentation Mode or export to PowerPoint?
  • Creating a Business Plan
  • Converting Task Maps to Time and Cost Plans
  • Recording Visits, Meetings, Seminars and Presentations
  • Tablet PC – Using Ink with MindManager

Each session starts with a 15 min presentation followed by 30 mins of questions and discussion. Up to three topics and tea is usually enough in an afternoon! This a huge opportunity to increase your awareness and understanding of the application of Mind Mapping Software. A Principles Session normally precedes the Master Class to make sure all participants understand the basics and the class can get on with the topic.

This course is offered both for public, in-house and on-line (normally a set of sessions) training events.

For the next public course date, various price combinations and to book a course, please visit Public Courses.

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