Perhaps you are a mind mapping software novice or maybe you have been using it for years.  Either way we can help with 45 minute sessions focussed on your specific training needs.

Perhaps you have a very specific requirement e.g. I need to publish some maps on the web tomorrow or how can I manage a project with MindManager and involve all the stakeholders?

There are so many things you can do with mind mapping software.  Here are some examples:

Mind Mapping Software Training Opportunities: Topics

How does on-line training work?

If you would like to improve and extend your use of MindManager or other applications and add ons, whilst staying at your desk, talking to me via Skype or the phone and having everything demonstrated in your browser.  Then this on-line coaching session will be of value to you.

Take 15 minutes to tell me what you want to achieve with MindManager. I will create a map of your requirement as you talk in your browser.

If you agree this is what you want and we can deliver it, please place an order for a training session or sessions.  Then we will spend 45 minutes going through how this can be achieved with your mind mapping software.

Again the maps used will be shared with you via your browser and if your IT set up permits it you will be able to share your desktop with me.  A few minutes after the session you will receive a map summarising what has been covered with links to relevant web sites and material.

You can have further support between sessions about items covered in the last session via phone, email, Skype and even quick desktop sessions. I want to help you to progress and not be stalled by minor barriers.

If this seems right for you, please contact Cabre on 01962 738534 or 07813 211451 or email.


“Andrew trained me on web export from MindManager using screen sharing and Skype. This is a really cost-effective, energy efficient and time-saving way to meet and share material, and I can’t recommend the approach highly enough.

Web export is an area that I’d only dabbled in, despite several years’intensive use of MindManager and around 500 mind maps, most produced in customer situations including live meetings. The training provoked lots of ideas, and I’m still discovering new ways to use the tools and techniques that we discussed. MindManager can bring ideas from your head to the web quickly, in an organised way, and then give you the power to maintain, revise and refresh your ideas with economy of effort and time. Andrew can get you there sooner!”

John Holden

“Sorry this is a bit belated Andrew!! I went to one of Andrew’s training sessions on Mindmanager about 2 years ago. It was only today when I had to get a project completed quickly, a project I had no idea how to tackle or even what to do – that I realised the full value of the training. Thanks Andrew, it was very much worthwhile!”

Sharif George

Your investment for the 45 minutes (plus the free 15 minutes in the first session)
is normally £97 plus VAT.
Sessions are paid and booked in advance.
Please use Meeting Wizard to suggest three times that would suit you.

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  1. Andrew,

    I’m interested in some online training to help me start using Mindjet Mindmanager 2017 in legal cases that I prepare. Can you help?

    What assistance do you provide for solicitors who are wanting to use Mindmanager in court cases?

    Thanks kindly,

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