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I have been an enthusiastic user of MindManager since 1997. I first used as the Chief Engineer at Anchor Foods to manage projects and people. I was fairly covert about using it then but it helped inmmensely. It was occasionally useful to have access to an A0 roll printer.

In my next role as a project manager I developed a dashboard map to access all my projects which had several maps of their own all linking to the project plans, user requirements and many other documents. Woe betide the project engineer who changed a file or folder name. It was also a great tool for developing and publishing new recruitment and induction process for the growing 50 person business.

That was the end of my employed use of MindManager. Since then I have worked as an independent consultant and trainer before incorporating Cabre Limited in 2006. I met Nick Duffill and Nigel Gough in 2004 and have interacted with them regularly since then.

Cabre sells mind mapping software, provides training and consultancy to clients. Our clients are varied

One to one training with:

  • A Church of England vicar
  • Senior manager in SAP

Classroom training for:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Housing associations
  • Chartered accountants

On line sessions all over the world:

  • Medical publishing
  • Web site development

And I continue to use MindManager to manage personal projects for my cycle collection, running a monthly auction and various charity events.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I ordered an upgrade to mindjet 2012 today and was expecting the licence key
    I have been using the trial system and this times out tomorrow
    I have files on the latest version that I need to use for a presentation next week and need to do some work on it over the weekend so I desperately need to activate the software
    Can you please send me the details by tomorrow or cancel the order as I will need to purchase a copy that I can use tomorrow
    Many thanks
    John Hunter

    • Hi John

      I sent an email earlier but only just saw this.

      Sorry I cannot match your timescales.

      In order for me to get an upgrade license for you, I have to have your current license key, submit it and your details to my distributor who opens on Monday morning.

      Depending on the content of your maps, you may able to upload them to a free Mindjet Connect account and continue editing them in your browser. Then open them in MindManager when you have the license.

      If you have sourced an upgrade license before Monday morning, I will return your payment.


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