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Have you ever had the responsibility of recording a meeting or conference?  Have you had to collect up all the post its and flip charts and turn them in to a publishable record of the event? What about outsourcing that to some one else?

Imagine your event being mapped quietly by reporter(s) using Tablet PCs.  No noisy and distracting keyboards.  These reporters or perhaps a specialists can be taking photographs (useful if someone is covering a wall with brown paper and post-its)  plus recording video and voice interviews.  We don't record meetings verbatim, we provide after the event material in searchable and digestable packets, which (non)attendees can review at their desks.  We aspire to have this available on the web or your intranet a few days after the event.

Our most recent event is the Business-Scene Surrey Launch where 150 people attended the launch of their next region.  Business-Scene is rapidly growing business to business networking and event portal.  It was held at Twickenham Rugby Club.  The event include speeches that were mapped and recorded.  We made audio and video interviews of attendees.  Together with photographs these were  assembled into a web site using MindManager and were made available to everyone a few days after the event.  Click the link and take a look.

The Association of Project Management was a private event for 70 corporate members to improve their understanding of how they could help each other and how the APM could help them.  Most of the day was spent in network and breakout sessions.  Click the link to see a full size map and some information on the metrics of the web site. Again the bulk of the material was available to the attendees two days after the event.

"A few weeks ago Andrew helped me deliver what the client said was one of the most enjoyable and valuable 1 day forums they had ran. Andrew captured the day not only in terms of creating mind maps for many of the sessions but also through coordinating associates who took photographs and video interviews. The web based record of the event was there 2 days later - an excellent piece of work. So far all I have mentioned is what he did. It is how he did it that was even more impressive - professionally but with humour and lightness. Oh, and I may have forgotten something even more important - an incredibly helpful and above all nice guy. I am now actively seeking other ways of involving Andrew in what we do."
   Donnie MacNicol Team Animation

The members of LinkedIn were asked the following question:

Click above for the full response.  Here are a few quotes:

"In my experience usually there is no follow up after an event."
"A very common problem is that ideas and tasks are discussed, but finally nobody owns (or it's not clear who owns) the responsibility of carrying them out."
"The outcomes must be clearly summarised and be available at the end of the meeting."
"Set up a blog where all the unanswered questions can be answered by the speakers."
"Action and accountability. There is usually neither after a corporate meeting."

Here is an example of a three speaker evening event:
Ecademy London

All our (and anything the event wishes to include) material is collated and published on the web or intranet during the day and polished off over the following days. This allows those that were there to "see and hear" what they could not see.  It also allows those people that were not in the room to get a flavour for the event and know who to ask for more information. The web site could contain forums which continue discussion when the event closes.

Here is an example of a 40 person event which broke into several sessions:
Open Space Practitioners Gathering

We can also facilitate and project our mind maps to assist discussions if required.

No post its, no flip charts, no long waits for the conference proceedings to be published. A searchable web site, parts of which can be published as PDFs for those who want that sort of record.

Another day of networking and parallel sessions:
By Consultants for Consultants 2005

If you would like to know more about this service which can be tailored to your budget and event requirement, please contact Cabre +44 (0)1962 738534

Alternatively if you would like a festival covered. we have had a practice run:
Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2006
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