Why have MindManager training?

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An awkward question for a trainer to answer but here are my thoughts on ten years of training people to exploit MindManager.

Let me characterize the people I have trained:

  • Individuals who have dabbled with MindManager but need to more effective.
  • Team leaders who use MindManager and want their team to use it to.

How do they get this training:

  • Individuals arrange on-line sessions or attend a public course.
    • On-line can be specific to them and when they want it.
    • Public courses have both a fixed curriculum and a sections focused on the needs of the majority of attendees.
  • Organisations arrange in-house training.
    • Again there can be a fixed part and then sections focussed on the activities of the group.

What happens as result of training:

  • Beginners get off to a flying start.
  • Experienced users discover new and quicker ways of doing the basics.
  • Everyone gets their application set up to:
    • Reduce the risk of losing data.
    • Have an appropriate start up strategy.
    • Remove the frustrations of inappropriate settings.
  • They are shown a variety of options for achieving their objectives and can choose the best one for them.
  • They discover ways to assemble knowledge quickly and create dashboards.
  • They learn how to interact with Microsoft Office and Sharepoint applications.
  • They are shown how to share their maps with non-users.
  • Groups understand how they can set MindManager so they all use the same templates, themes, map parts, icons, images etc.

Training is changing from amateur to professional.

Do you need to have some training?

About Andrew Wilcox

Andrew is an experienced user of Mindjet MindManager and other mind mapping software who now shares his expertise by training and consulting on how to exploit these applications in business, organisations and for individuals. For more information about Andrew please visit his Google + profile.

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