MindManager and Windows 10

Windows 10 - MindManager 15 Installed

Windows 10 64 bit – MindManager 15 64 bit Installed

It worked for me!  For others there has been some pain but ultimately success (See below).

I did a clean install on a nice new 500gb SSD. My process was roughly this:

  • Install Windows 10 64 bit
  • Install Office 2013 64 bit
  • Install MindManager 15 64 bit
  • It worked.

Note: I didn’t deliberately run any updates but Windows may have done this. I didn’t install any other applications.

Then I installed Project and repaired MindManager to get it to interact with Project.

Visual C++ Issue

Others have experienced problems with Visual C++ versions.  You can see the full discussion here:

or go straight to a solution:

Hardware Tip

I have an HP2740p Tablet PC but the 250gb SSD 1.8″ micro-SATA had run out of space!  New micro-SATAs of larger capacity don’t seem to be available or cost several hundred pounds. But mSATA drives are available at better prices.

You can buy an adapter and install a mSATA drive. They are cheaper (physically smaller) and higher capacity. This is what I purchased online, prices include delivery:

  • Samsung 850 EVO MZ-M5E500BW – solid state drive – 500 GB – mSATA
    £150.17 inc VAT from www.ballicom.co.uk
  • Lycom ST-170m mSATA SSD to 1.8″ SATA Drive Converter
    £13.22 inc VAT from www.scan.co.uk

Used 250gb SSDs sell for £50-60 on eBay.

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Andrew is an experienced user of Mindjet MindManager and other mind mapping software who now shares his expertise by training and consulting on how to exploit these applications in business, organisations and for individuals. For more information about Andrew please visit his Google + profile.

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