Mindjet MindManager 15 for Windows will be released 9th September 2014

In preparation for the launch of Mindjet MindManager 15 for Windows the following promotions are available until the 8th September:

All prices exclude VAT – List price in brackets

For each offer you will get:

  • MindManager 15 for Windows on release plus all other releases (inc. Mac) for one year.
  • Browser & Mobile map editing via Mindjet Web
  • MindManager 10 for Mac license
  • A years subscription to MindManager Plus

The offers are:

  1. MindManager 14 users can buy MindManager Plus for £69 (£89 saving £20)
  2. Upgrade any full license of MindManager to MindManager 14 with MindManager Plus for £150 (£198 saving £48)
  3. Buy MindManager 14 with MindManager Plus for £278 (£318 saving£40)

If you purchase full licenses or upgrades (not in the above offer) between 17th July and 8th September 2014 you will get a Technology Guarantee from Mindjet. This means you will get a free license for MindManager 15 for Windows in September.  Please note: You will not get any other product releases e.g. a new Mac license or access to Mindjet Web.

What is the value of a MindManager Plus subscription?

  • A cloud store for your maps which you can access from the desktop products, any browser and your mobile apps.
  • All new releases are free.
  • MindManager for Windows releases appear to be on an annual cycle and you therefore get your upgrades for much less – £89 v £129 at list prices

What is the value of the promotion to users of MindManager 9 for Windows and earlier?

  • You can upgrade. After this promotion Mindjet will revert to the no upgrades for users before MindManager 2012 Professional for Windows policy.

About Andrew Wilcox

Andrew is an experienced user of Mindjet MindManager and other mind mapping software who now shares his expertise by training and consulting on how to exploit these applications in business, organisations and for individuals. For more information about Andrew please visit his Google + profile.

4 thoughts on “Mindjet MindManager 15 for Windows will be released 9th September 2014

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I like mindmanger however I think they have a strange way to marketing their products. How they pretend to have people buy or upgrade to the next version without giving any clues what is new to offer. Is like buying a car blind sight…I didn’t upgrade to the last version because I consider the offer was too low for the upgrade price. Maybe you know more and you can give me your point of view for this new version. I personally use mindjet and iMindmap and comparing both products there is a notable difference. I use mindjet a lot however I think they have a lot of room for improvement in different areas but seems they just want to hold it or not interest to give the real power to this tool
    I respect your opinion so I appreciate your insights on this matter.


    Erick M

    • There a couple of other things I have seen mentioned in reseller info. Microsoft integration is the clue to one of them.

      As for Mindjet’s marketing tactics, they know a lot more about their market than you or I do. And they have certainly paid for research. But like you it sometimes doesn’t make sense to me.

      What I can say about the current offer, is it is an opportunity for legacy users to upgrade without paying the full license price. There is no indication it be available after the release.

  2. Thank you Andrey for your answer. And yes probably they know more about those matters than me and most likely I am not one of their target customer. I do not pretend they do the same than others but at least to follow their own praise to innovation and walk the talk. Anyway probably I sound like a frustrated customer who thinks this is a good product but expect a lot more on improvements, enhancements and innovation for a fair price.
    Thanks again for inputs.



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