Cephalopodic Project Management with mind mapping software

Cephalopodic Project ManagementA presentation at PMI UK Chapter South Event 2014 19th February 2014

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A good project manager is like an octopus:

  • Very attractive
  • Able to get out of tight corners
  • And has a process for getting to the meat in a shell

A slightly tongue in cheek view.

Managing projects requires you to keep your fingers on all the buttons. But you only have two arms and they don’t stretch far enough. Perhaps an octopus could help you?

  • Collect links to important pieces of knowledge
  • Brainstorming and organising the tasks required
  • Publishing the state of play
  • Keep it really, really simple
  • Rapidly access the relevant stuff

The octopus is not the project manager but mind mapping software.

Click on the map to get further insights via the links at the end of the tentacles.

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Andrew is an experienced user of Mindjet MindManager and other mind mapping software who now shares his expertise by training and consulting on how to exploit these applications in business, organisations and for individuals. For more information about Andrew please visit his Google + profile.

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