Setting up and managing Project Director accounts

This applies to organisations and businesses who are considering using Mindjet’s Cloud storage and editing facilities currently called Project Director.  If the team members set up their accounts independently, you will have issues with files, folders and users expectations during the trial and when you get a license.

This process will enable you to create the master account, invite members (which sets up their Mindjet account) and set up folders. Members can then create maps, edit and share them with their colleagues.  When you receive the license key for X licenses and use it to activate the account then your members will be able to access the maps they created during the trial.  The transition will be seamless. (Where is the fingers crossed emoticon when you need it?).  My thanks to John Barber ex-Mindjet UK for writing the original document on which I based this guide and Laura Conrardy for forwarding it to me.

If you have not followed this process, I have a few tips in this FAQ (to be written):

Project Director - Sign Up

Team Trial Set up Process

Trial Administrator

One person should be responsible for starting the trial process by signing up for a Mindjet trial account and downloading the desktop software (if required). This person will then be responsible for inviting the other users.

Sign up process

Go to and select the “try” button from the top of the landing page.

Enter the your email and details (This email will be the username you use to login and manage the account).

Setup other users

Step 1: Click on Account Management on the top right hand side of the screen

Mindjet Project Director Account Management

Step 2: Go to the Member tab and click on Invite, enter each user’s name and email, and set their role to member.
(If a user is an Admin they can also invite members to the trial account)

Each user will receive an email and they should click on the link and sign up. They will then become members of your account and can work together.

The Trial account will last for 30 days and you are able to have up to 5 members.

Account Management Pop Up

Additional steps:

If a user needs to download the desktop software so he can test Mindjet full suite for 30 days (Project Director and MindManager), they can do that from here: Or Account Owner could make the installation file they downloaded available on a Network Server.

It is very important to understand the rights for folder and file sharing that you give the users of your account. this section of the Project Director Help Manual Sharing Folders, Maps and Files is in my view compulsory reading.

I particularly want to point out the table at the end and give the following warnings:


  1. You can have more than one Admin for the account.
  2. The Owner is already an Admin.
  3. Owners/Admins can use the Change Role option for a Member in the Account Management panel to make them an Admin.
  4. Admins have access to everything in the account.

Changing Roles

  1. You can change a Member into an Admin but you can’t change them back. (I learned the hard way and I have raised this with Mindjet).
  2. The work around is to remove and re-invite but I suspect they will lose all their rights to files and folders, and these will have to be reset.

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