Mindjet MindManager 14 for Windows is out – My installation review

Mindjet Box and Between MindsIt’s not available in the Mindjet Download Archive or via the update from the desktop product Mindjet 11 Windows this morning 12th September 2013 but you can download a free trial from the Try MindManager Free link. Use your Mindjet account email and it will recognise you.

I tend to install each new version of MindManager in my childhood Airfix kit building style: “Ignore the instructions and go for it”.  It can help to discover any problems with the installation.  Of course I have done this many times now, so you will see some preemptive behaviour e.g. close all related applications. Here is my installation story on Windows 8 64 bit:

  • Download application
  • Close Mindjet MindManager, Internet Explorer, all the Microsoft Office and Project applications
  • Run exe file
    • I didn’t accept the option to install a icon on my desktop
  • Installation worked without errors
  • The old Mindjet icons on my Task Bar and Windows 8 Tiles still point to Mindjet 11.
  • I opened the Mindjet 14 folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mindjet\MindManager 14” and pinned MindManager.exe to Task Bar and Start. (Wondering how I get a Windows 8 tile?)
    • Confusing because there are now two identical icons on my Task Bar.
  • Started Mindjet 14.
    • My Maps has all my old maps and folders
    • The Quick Access Toolbar settings have been transferred
    • As have my My Templates, Themes, Marker Lists and Web Tempates (but I bet these don’t work)
    • My customised Images, Icons, Background Images and Shapes are in the Library (they were added using the Package Folders function in Mindjet 11)
    • 🙂
  • My Mindjet 11 license key doesn’t work for Mindjet 14 (Not a surprise but how do subscription users license the product?)
  • It’s connected to Mindjet Files.
  • Of course none of the third party Add Ins are present.
  • My Macros have not transferred. 🙁
  • All the Send to Mindjet Map buttons in the Microsoft Office Apps and Internet Explorer now paste things on the open map in MindManager 14.
  • A quick try of the new feature “Drag and drop from Outlook” works for: Mail, Contacts, Tasks, Appointments and Notes.
    • It failed to drag folders from either the Folder view or the Mail – Folder Pane.  The Send Folder to Mindjet Map button works in the Folder view but not from the Folders pane in the Mail view (I think it used to). I wish you could drag and drop Distribution Lists to the map. They are vital for project, event and team management.
  • If you need to restore Mindjet 11 or older, as the primary or master application to use your Add Ins and have the Microsoft Office Application’s Mindjet buttons pointing at the older application:
    • Close Mindjet MindManager 14, Internet Explorer, all the Microsoft Office and Project applications.
    • Then open Control Panel and run the Repair on the version of MindManager you want to use.
    • MindManager 14 will still work but without the Office integration.
    • N.B. Not tested, comments based on past experience.

Obviously there is more to find out about the new version.

Hope you find that helpful.  What did you discover during installation and immediately post installation?


About Andrew Wilcox

Andrew is an experienced user of Mindjet MindManager and other mind mapping software who now shares his expertise by training and consulting on how to exploit these applications in business, organisations and for individuals. For more information about Andrew please visit his Google + profile.

3 thoughts on “Mindjet MindManager 14 for Windows is out – My installation review

  1. You don’t have to bet: the customized webtemplates (11) do
    not work in Mindjet 14. And I my customized ribbon (with all my
    shortcuts to export) was changed. Dragging and dropping (Outlook)
    and File explores does work for me on my Windows 7 computer (32
    bit). It all feels familiar…

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