Mindjet and the Web – Rapidly assembling knowledge

I am preparing to give a 20 minute webinar on “Mindjet and the Web – Rapidly assembling knowledge ” to the  Visual Thinking Hub at 6pm BST today 3 July 2013.  Also presenting are:

Overview of visualization methods and how to choose the right one depending on the issue at hand

Mind mapping techniques for project planning

This is my outline:

Join the Visual Thinking Hub to see this live or as a recording later and join in the discussions.

N.B. Discovered if you copy a topic in Mindjet and then paste to a WordPress Post or Page it appears as an image, not text.  Repeated below as a text outline for Google.


Mindjet and the Web – Rapidly assembling knowledge
1 Prep
1.1 Turn Off
1.1.1 Skype
1.1.2 Phone
1.1.3 Desktop Icons
1.2 Test
1.2.1 Mic
1.2.2 Video
1.3 Prepare
1.3.1 Windows
1.3.2 Room
1.3.3 Lights
1.3.4 Snipping Tool
1.4 Maybe
1.4.1 Turn Off extended monitor
2 Internet Explorer Button
2.1 New, Open or Select a Mindjet map
2.2 Select a topic
2.3 Open Internet Explorer
2.4 Navigate to a relevant page
2.5 Click the Mindjet Button
3 Mindjet Browser
3.1 New, Open or Select a map
3.2 Open Browser pane
3.2.1 Your Profile | LinkedIn
3.3 Navigate to a relevant page
3.4 Click the link button
4 Right Click – Send to Mindjet
4.1 Link
4.2 Image
4.3 Page
4.1 Internet Explorer and
Mindjet Browser Only
5 Drag and Drop
5.1 URLs
5.2 Images
5.2.1 Linked
5.2.2 Unlinked
5.1 From your browser
n.b. not working in IE today!
6 Copy and Paste
6.1 Ctrl-K
6.2 Snipping Tool
7 Examples
7.1 Cycles
7.2 Web site
7.3 WordPress Admin
8 Map Parts
8.1 Web Services – Search
8.1.1 Google
8.1.2 Facebook
8.2 News Feed
8.2.1 Auctions in a Day
8.2.2 http://blog.mindjet.com/feed/
9 Also
9.1 File Explorer
9.2 Outlook
9.2.1 emails
9.2.2 task
9.2.3 appointments
9.2.4 contacts
9.2.5 folders
9.3 SharePoint
9.4 Mindjet Tasks
10 Export
10.1 Clickable Image Map
10.1.1 Set up Web Drive
10.1.2 FTP Client
10.2 Mindjet Viewer
10.2.1 PDF
10.2.2 SWF
10.3 Multiple hyperlinks

About Andrew Wilcox

Andrew is an experienced user of Mindjet MindManager and other mind mapping software who now shares his expertise by training and consulting on how to exploit these applications in business, organisations and for individuals. For more information about Andrew please visit his Google + profile.

4 thoughts on “Mindjet and the Web – Rapidly assembling knowledge

  1. Looks great – will learn a few things!
    If you are asked to present the plethora of Mindjet functionalities to ‘wow’ an audience would you project your Mindjet desktop and then:
    1. What is a Mind Map? It is like a brothel – both are platfoms for a multi-functioning topic.
    2. Whip through the Ribbon menus on the various tabs, how they look and perform.the the power of a topic:
    in – fills, icons, images….show live
    on – task info, border colour and line colour … show live
    around – notes, hyperlink, attach, etc … show live
    Import and export options
    Views – Outline/Gantt/Walkthroughs
    3. Short movies – Matt using shortcuts
    4. Short movie – Andrew running a website
    …. add more …….

    By the way I have a reminder email for the webinar every 5 minutes for the last hour. Can you take your email setting off ‘automatic’

    • Hi Peter

      I think you need to direct the comment about reminder emails to Matt Tanguay.

      Not sure I get this “It is like a brothel – both are platfoms for a multi-functioning topic.”

      Not sure that’s the best way to them. In my experience its best to give them some appreciation and let them wow themselves. Then take them to the next level. Make it practical and relevant. Focus it on their application.

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