Mindjet 11.3.305 Service Pack for Windows has been released

On June 7th a fewMindjet 11 for Windows Version11.3 but significant improvements were made:

  • Pinned Recent Files are now sorted alphabetically and appear in the Mindjet Files window.  The pins are to the right of the Recent Files list.
  • You can exit Walk Through mode with the Escape key.
  • You can switch the Map Parts pane to a list view by right clicking a Map Part.  Yee Ha!

In addition these issues have been resolved:

  • Blocking editing of maps which have been checked out by you on other clients: Mac, Windows, Mac or Mobile.
  • Disabling Revert Version when other users are editing the map.

For more detail please download the Mindjet for Windows Release Notes [v11.3]

Use Help > Check for Updates in your copy of the application to download the update.

Remember to close Mindjet, MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Project) and Internet Explorer before installation.

The new version installed without incident but the maps I had open when I closed Mindjet were not reloaded.  The Quick Access Toolbar remained as was.

Oddly in Options > General > Notify when updates are available: was ticked but I was not notified. I spotted the release on the Mindjet Facebook page and there are many mentions on Twitter.



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