Update to Mindjet iPhone app creates a map of camera images

Raleigh Road Ace Create Mindjet Map with CameraThe latest update to the smart phone app allows you to take multiple photos and create a topic for each image.  You can start a map in  “Create Map via camera” mode or enable it later in the map edit.  The Android app implemented this functionality in January (see Mindjet blog: Mindjet Tasks and Maps for Android Updates).  The iPad app only allows you to create a single photo and topic (for now?).

A useful improvement for those surveying buildings, listing the lots they might bid for at auction, health and safety audits, restaurant reviews, training and coaching for sport,..  Any other applications?  I used it to survey a bike I am rebuilding. Click on the image to see the rusty bits! The map is 9.6mb.

I wonder if the images are available to others apps on the iPhone?  I’ll leave a comment when I know.

Worth noting: You can take screen shots of your iOS device by pressing the home button and then the power switch. These appear in your camera roll and you can add them to a topic.

The update also mentions “Enhanced Notes compatibility with Mindjet Web and Desktop”. When I know what that means, I will add comment.  It does not mean you can see or add images to topic notes. I have just tested that.

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