Mindjet for Individuals – good news for standalone users

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Mindjet have been listening! They have a new purchase option.

Mindjet for Individuals is for users who want to upgrade their desktop application and/or are happy with limited web and collaboration opportunities. It costs the same for a new user as Mindjet Web at £135 per year.

  • Existing users – Upgrade £68 for year one then £135 per year
  • New users – £135 per year

All prices per user and exclude VAT.

The license includes Mindjet Windows, Mindjet Mac and a limited Mindjet Web access. Don’t forget the iOS and Android apps are free. It’s not intended for users of Mindjet Tasks and multi-user collaboration but you can have your own tasks. It is only available by annual subscription in advance.

Quote from Raymond Polanco, Vice President, Global Customer Success. Mindjet – “For those of you that have purchased Mindjet’s full subscription offering and now want to trade in for Mindjet for Individual please contact customer support at customer.support@mindjet.com and we will convert your subscription.”

A perpetual license for Mindjet Windows are still available with Mindjet for Business from Resellers until 19.09.2013 but they may be sold out before then.

  • Existing customers – £185 per year
  • New customers – £299 per year
    All prices per user and exclude VAT.

If you wish to purchase any of the above or need further information please contact Cabre or post a comment here.

Mindjet’s blog on this matter A New Option for Individual Customers

About Andrew Wilcox

Andrew is an experienced user of Mindjet MindManager and other mind mapping software who now shares his expertise by training and consulting on how to exploit these applications in business, organisations and for individuals. For more information about Andrew please visit his Google + profile.

6 thoughts on “Mindjet for Individuals – good news for standalone users

  1. Added link if you wish to trade in a Mindjet 11 license for Mindjet for Individual license.

    Please Note: Mindjet for Individual does not give you a perpetual license. If you do not renew your license subscription, the desktop application will switch to view and print only, and files on Mindjet Web will not be accessible.

    If you purchase or upgrade to Mindjet 11 via a reseller and get a perpetual license, you could switch to a Mindjet Web only license when you renew. Your desktop applications will continue working, however you will not get any upgrades. I will find out if it still acts a client to Mindjet Web.

  2. Andrew, I am looking for a desktop version of Mindjet. I have customer financial information that I am not allowed to put in the cloud or on the web. I read a post of yours on the Mindjet website. Do you still have desktop inventory and can you sell to the US?
    I plan to use this a map for customers to see thier financial picture.

    Much obliged,

    John Hardy

    • Hi John

      You can buy a desktop version called Mindjet 11. It also has access to Mindjet’s web tools but you don’t have to use them and can set the options in the desktop application to not connect.

      I am a UK reseller. Please Google for a US reseller.

      You will not be alone in using the tool for presenting financial information to clients. There are many Independent Financial Advisers in the UK doing this.


  3. Hi Andrew, I have been a long-time user of mind manager, following a switch to mac, I find that the mac version is very much a dumbed down product, and only available via the subscription model. Given the lack of features on the mac version the subscription option is a really poor option.

    So, two asks – if you have any sway with the people at Mindjet please get them to rethink this policy, failing that, I would really appreciate any recommendations for Mac Mind Mapping, as I cannot justify the subscription price for the Mindjet, minimal feature set, no development product….

    • Hi David

      I (and I think Mindjet does to) know there are many disappointed MindManager users like you who have switched to Mac. Mindjet have offered a solution. If you buy a MindManager Perpetual or Subscription license you will get a key for both the Mac and PC. If you install Parallels and a Windows you can then run MindManager for Windows on your Mac when you need those additional functions. The file format is the same for Mac and Windows and maps can be shared between both operating systems. I know users who were doing this from almost the day MindManager for Mac was launched.

      This post summarises the costs “Mindjet’s product range for individuals and small organisations“. Of course you will have the costs of Windows license and Parallels in addition to this. Which means you are still likely to be looking at alternatives.

      I can’t give you a personal recommendation for Mac mind mapping products. Chuck Frey has reviewed some of them The Mind Mapping Software Blog – Search Mac Review and Vic’s Top Picks – Mapping Software for Macs
      lists 29 (click the red rectangle with the small white triangle to see the product names).

      I no information on what Mindjet are doing to close the gap.

      Two apps I would take a look at are Curio (I don’t think you will get backward compatibility with your Mindjet maps) and iThoughtsX which will import and export Mindjet files (iThoughtsHD is my preferred app on my iPad and iPhone). There are Mac apps which have been around for a while like Novamind and Inspiration, more recently iMindMap, DropMind, XMind, MindMaple, MyThoughts etc.

      Hope this helps

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