What’s new in Mindjet 11 for Windows (was MindManager)

An email newsletter from Mindjet has released the new features of Mindjet 11. Take a peek here: Mindet 11 for Windows.

What are your first thoughts on these additional functions and changes to the user interface?

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6 thoughts on “What’s new in Mindjet 11 for Windows (was MindManager)

  1. Nice, but if I still can’t save it easily to a Sharepoint site without paying £3750 (we have 2 users, but I’d like all 5 of us to subscribe) its not worth having all of the extra features in the world. When Office 2013/Office 365 is released things may change further so its a big wait and see for me.

    • Hi Alex,

      Where do we differ on these statements?

      • The Mindjet on-premise server I assume gives all users on the server viewing and editing capability for MindManager maps. They don’t need the desk top app. See the current Mindjet Connect SP Datasheet
      • MindManager 2012 and I assume Mindjet 11 users can connect to SharePoint servers (without the need for a Mindjet on-premise server)
      • I have connected to a Cloud based SharePoint (as a service) server. Where it looks as though we had a previous discussion.
      • You configure the SharePoint server connection in MindManager – File > Options
      • Then you can interrogate the SharePoint database to get links to documents, tasks, calendar items, etc. via Insert > SharePoint Items
      • MindManager files can be saved on the SharePoint Server and accessed from MindManager. If you can administer the SharePoint server, you can get the Mindjet icon to appear next to file names in the file explorer view.
      • My problem is still that I can’t click on a Mindjet file in Sharepoint and open it, without saving a local copy. I can map a drive and do it like that, but I don’t work like that. I can change, but getting colleagues to change is very time consuming. What i can do is check out a file and then it opens fine, but I don’t understand the difference in behaviour.

        • Sounds like SharePoint is using a reasonable file management process.

          – A checkedout file means one person has editing rights and can save it replacing the original. This controls and records editing of the original.
          – Opening a file, creates a copy for viewing and local editing if desired but it cannot be used to replace the original. Someone else may be editing at the same time. And the last saver would win.

          But I guess you know this.

  2. The new pricing model might be Ok for large companies, but for micro companies its not practical. Therefore the above point is academic anyway, as I’ll be switching to an alternative to Mindmanger.

    • I can’t see a micro, small or medium size SharePoint offer from Mindjet either. Mindjet Connect or equivalent does not have the range of functionality available in SharePoint or allow installation on your server.

      There are many alternatives for file sharing: Dropbox, SkyDrive.
      There are many alternatives for simultaneous editing of mind map files: MindMeister, Mindomo and others

      It will be interesting to hear how you get on.

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