Should you spend your money upgrading to Mindjet 11?

You have probably seen many disgruntled MindManager users posting comments about Mindjet’s change to an annual subscription based service and the cost  at £270 plus VAT per year!

I believe an upgrade can be money well spent, the older your version of MindManager is and the more of the new features you would like.  Here is my understanding of the upgrade package on offer to existing MindManager Users:

  • Almost any license can be upgraded.  Windows (or Mac just confirming that) not MindManager Lite or free magazine cover disc versions.
  • The upgrade price is £149 plus VAT up until Friday 28th September by 17:00 via Cabre and £187 (£224.40 inc. VAT) until the end of the year. YOU CAN SAVE £50 THIS WEEK.

You will get:

  • Mindjet 11 Windows perpetual licence (as per your current license agreement). There is only a limited stock and this is only available via resellers not Mindjet’s web site.
  • One years subscription to a Mindjet 11 Mac license
  • One years subscription to Mindjet Web (make sure you cancel at the end of the  year, if you no longer require the service)
  • A MindManager 6 user will get all these new features which have been introduced in later versions of MindManager. Newer user versions can see what they get as well:

    11 – Desktop client for Mindjet Web
    11 – Topic Value Calculations
    11 – Task Sharing and Management
    11 – Customisable Ribbon Bars
    10 – Direct access to Map for That! for templates and example maps
    10 – Guided Brainstorming – Questions and images to help you think!
    10 – SharePoint queries
    10 – Multiple hyperlinks per topic
    9 – Outlook queries
    9 – Lower CPU load
    9 – Viewing maps as slides and printing
    9 – Customisable Quick Access Toolbar
    9 – Gantt views, project duration calculation and resource loading
    9 – Marker Index
    8 – Mindjet Player for PDFs and SWF
    8 – Built in browser pane for Microsoft Office files, PDFs and the web
    8 – Database linker
    8 – Task roll calculations
    7 – The Ribbon interface
    7 – Save filter queries
    7 – Attach muliple documents
    7 – Embed excell spreadsheets in topics
    7 – Topic styles
    7 – Show branch alone
    For more details look at the documents in
    MindManager  20212 to 7 for Windows Tutorials and Datasheets

  • You will lose:
    • Old Third Party add ins won’t work with Mindjet 11. Contact the Third Party for updates.
    • Depending on version you will not get the same PowerPoint export or integration with JCV Gantt
    • Export to Visio

Perhaps you can add to my list?

If you want to upgrade via Cabre please contact me.

Please note old versions of MindManager are not supported by Mindjet. Mindjet MindManager 8 for Windows was retired on 19 September 2012.  See Mindjet Product Life Cycle Policy.  Cabre will endeavour to help if we can.

About Andrew Wilcox

Andrew is an experienced user of Mindjet MindManager and other mind mapping software who now shares his expertise by training and consulting on how to exploit these applications in business, organisations and for individuals. For more information about Andrew please visit his Google + profile.

One thought on “Should you spend your money upgrading to Mindjet 11?

  1. I’m unimpressed that export to Powerpoint has been lost.

    That changes my way of working – I normally brainstorm a presentation using MindManager and then export it to Powerpoint. Now I have to save the mm file in mm 2002 format, open it in my still installed copy of MindManager 8 and then export it to Powerpoint.

    I’ve been upgrading MindManager for at least six years. That’s the last time I’ll do that unless Mindjet start showing that their customers should be listened to.

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