New Mindjet launch in September

My summary of the changes which are on there way:

New Product

Mindjet will be releasing new desktop applications for PC and Mac this month.  They will be available in a new subscription license model which has three variations for users:

  1. Mindjet Web – Combining Mindjet Connect – Vision and Action
  2. Mindjet – The desktop application plus the web services above
  3. Mindjet on-premise – As Mindjet but requires a Mindjet on-premise Server

The new products are planned for release on the September 20th, 2012. From this date Mindjet will no longer be selling perpetual licenses like MindManager 2012 and earlier.  Resellers will have access to a stock of perputual licenses until they run out.

Grace Period

If you buy a MindManager 2012 for Windows or MindManager 9 for Mac license or upgrade from August 14th, 2012 to September 30th, 2012, you will receive a free electronic upgrade to Mindjet, providing you apply for it before October 20th, 2012.  You will get a perpetual license for the desktop product and access to the web services for one year.  This is for Single licenses including MindManager 7 and earlier Versions  but excluding academic, government and subscription licenses.   If you have a Mindjet 5Plus license program or Mindjet Software Assurance and Support (MSA) you will automatically get the upgrade.  Here is Mindjet’s detailed Mindjet Technology Guarantee 2012 pdf.


  1. Mindjet web – €180/£135 per person per year
  2. Mindjet – €360/£270 per person per year

Subscriptions are for a minimum of one year and are auto renewed (you can cancel with 30 days notice before the end of the subscription term).

If you have any questions or wish to upgrade during the grace period please contact me.

Expect some promotional pricing shortly!

Andrew Wilcox

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Andrew is an experienced user of Mindjet MindManager and other mind mapping software who now shares his expertise by training and consulting on how to exploit these applications in business, organisations and for individuals. For more information about Andrew please visit his Google + profile.

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