WebSummarizer gets an update. Summarise web pages as mind maps

What is WebSummarizer? It is a browser tool which mind maps content: web pages, text, files, Wikpedia article or knowledge base and exports in a variety of formats: RTF, HTML (as below), MindManager, XMind, iThoughtsHD & MindGenius. The new feature is when you mouseover a topic you can add a subtopic (your notes), delete the topic or edit it.

The image below is the result of asking it to summarise the content in Wikipedia Knowledge Base about Alresford (I live in New Alresford). It has found five entries including the three towns and villages with Alresford in their name.

What is interesting to me as Chairman of the Alresford Pigs Association (a fund raising charity, nothing to do with pigs) this year, is the content of our references. I think I need to go and edit the Wikipedia entry to get a bit more clarity. For example in topic “The Alresford Pigs organise the car parking and entry points.”, perhaps it should mention we do this for the Alresford Show.  I am off to edit it now.  NOTE: WebSummarizer does not edit the Wikipedia entry, just the map it has created from the content (Idea for you there Henry!).

Click to see the full size image
WebSummarizer mind map of the Wikipedia Knowledge Base for Alresford

Visit WebSummarizer and try out your own research.

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