MindManager 2012 service pack 493

Mindjet announced the release of the service pack today – Mindjet Connect November Release

The main issues for me have not been Connect but loss of functions in the desktop product which I have been using for years. I am pleased to report “verified by me” fixes to these problems in quick inital tests:

Fail – It still removes spaces from your web export Topic Notes text anymore.
Pass Fail – The Right click topic > Send to new map is working for PC based maps (not checked Connect ones) Problem occured 6/12/2011
Fail – The Quick Access Toolbar – image export icon is still an Adobe PDF icon!
Pass – The Windows Arrange tool behaves as you would expect. Click a map and it opens.

And the Quick Access Toolbar is reset to the default as per previous service packs.

Any good news for you?

Andrew Wilcox

About Andrew Wilcox

Andrew is an experienced user of Mindjet MindManager and other mind mapping software who now shares his expertise by training and consulting on how to exploit these applications in business, organisations and for individuals. For more information about Andrew please visit his Google + profile.

3 thoughts on “MindManager 2012 service pack 493

  1. Whoops! I rushed those tests to the extent I used MindManager 9 to do them 🙁 Of course it all works there!

    I have amended the test results in the original news item. It’s a 50/50 result.

    I have always disliked the change of application icon colour and design between versions in the past. It took a while for me to reprogram to spot the red one instead of the blue one. Now I wish Mindjet had updated the 2012 icon.

  2. Andrew,

    Any problem(s) with not performing the update if one does not work with Connect.

    I never liked Mindjet Connect very much, because it did not accurately display my map designs in the same way I designed them on my laptop version (and other rea$on$).

    • Hi David

      I had hoped that the update would have fixed some the problems created in MindManager 2012 with processes that had been working from MindManager 3 to 9. I thought the Topic right click > Send to > New map was now working again but it didn’t this morning.

      However I think there are some little fixes for the desktop only user which are working e.g. the Windows Arranger.

      If you have no issues with the previous version you can stick. If you want to keep up to date, the Connect changes should have no impact on you, you should twist.

      If you do get a problem, the first thing Mindjet will ask you to do, is update to the latest service pack and try again. Better to do this when you plan to rather than when you are forced.

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