Cabre’s “Sources of MindManager Knowledge” gets critiqued by Chuck Frey

Mind map analysis: MindManager resources map

Chuck Frey’s Mind Mapping Software Blog has an “Insiders Club” where amongst many activities Chuck critiques mind maps. This October unknown to me he critiqued Cabre’s map “Sources of MindManager Knowledge”.  Fortunately I noticed my friend Maurice Poole‘s retweet and had a look  (I suspect Chuck has told me somewhere and I have missed it).  The critique comes in the form of a well presented PDF.

Revealing Chuck’s criticism’s would not be appropriate but I did get 5 out of 7 positive remarks. The 2 negative criticisms were justified and I will update the map accordingly.

You can get the map from BiggerplateSources of MindManager Knowledge.
Sources of MindManager Knowledge

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